Monday 12 October 2015

Holiday Banners Cross Stitch Pattern and Giveaway

A couple of days ago I made a little cake and shared that with you. I was on a roll and found that I had to keep making something and these holiday banners came into my mind. 

I just had to make them and now I'm sharing them with you. They are available for purchase at my etsy store.

I have all sorts if ideas about how you can use them I can see them working on Birthday cards or Christmas ornaments. All the colours and fun you can have. I can see some amazing designs happening. It would be a great way to add a name to an ornament or just a year!

 There are the simple banners. I used one above to create the Happy Birthday under my cake.

The the slightly fancier ones. Two levels of ribbon and all the jazz.

Then they get really complicated with spots to put names or a pretty bow in the middle of the strip. I can see sooooo many awesome ways to make these amazing.

What would you do with this design? 

It's been a while since I've done a giveaway and I feel like doing one now to celebrate the release of this pattern. To win your own copy of this pattern comment below about how you would use these patterns. What colours would you use? What holidays? How would you make them your own? The giveaway will close on Monday October 19 which is one week from now. Give or take a couple of hours/day because I know there is a time difference. 

So enjoy the cake my sister made me and think about what you can do with these patterns. 

Happy Stitching, 


  1. These are cute little banners. I would definitely stitch them in orange or lime green and make them Hallowe'en banners! Stitch a little spider hanging from one corner.

  2. I was on a roll and found that I had to keep making something and these holiday banners came into my mind. my homepage

  3. I would use this for cards and other things. I am dyslexic, once i see how to do something my creativity takes over.


Thank you for your comments I love to hear from you.

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