Wednesday 7 October 2015

WIP Wednesday

So what do I have to show for this week. ... Well we went away this past weekend as it was a long weekend here is sunny Queensland. It was a beautiful campsite and was a wonderful night away. We were going to stay for two nights then something happened. Actually lots of somethings ... about 30 million blow flies! They just would not leave us alone. They turned what was a lovely campsite into somewhere we couldn't stand to be anymore. So we packed up early on Sunday and came home after only being there for one night. At least it meant that we were definitely ready for school to go back. 

He wore his shorts :D I was so happy!

And oh gosh I was ready for school to go back! I don't know what it was about this last holidays but the kids were going nuts. Super argumentative and just being plain mean to each other and everyone around them. They would settle for stages and then be at each other again over the stupidest things. I think it's the ages but also the heat. It's only spring here and already it's boiling hot during the day. 

Oh to add to the crazy around here I signed up for another course. This one is a Diploma of Accounting. It's finally what I really need to get the experience and knowledge that I need. It also stops me from feeling so useless. I think I can make a good go of it and I know it is what I really want to be doing. It finally feels right. 

I haven't sewn since last week as we had to get ready and then go camping but I have been drawing and doing some tiny cross stitch. I have to finish this wonderful cross stitch... I will get there! It's the third of my gingerbread men and they have been waiting too long to be finished! It is a big goal for me. 

I was having some fun and created a zentagle art flower. I love how pretty it turned out. I drew the flower and then filled it in with patterns. I will have to work on this and do these more often. It's such a pretty way to do it.

Happy Stitching, 


  1. Love the tangle flower. Good job. My dd wants to go camping but it is getting a little too cool here in the States. Maybe in May.

  2. Your gingerbread man will be cute when finished!


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