Thursday 2 April 2015

B is for...


 When I was a teenager I used to do a LOT of beading. I even sold some but I was never interested in making enough to sell professionally though I was good enough to do that. I stopped beading when it got to the point where I was picking up more beads and sorting through the mess (I kept knocking over the containers) more often than I was beading. Enough talk of my adventures in beading lets talk about what Beading is.

What is Beading?

Beading is the art of using beads of various sizes and shapes to make things. (and yes I used the word things) You can make everything from Jewellery to bags to adding decoration to cross stitch or embroidery.They can be decorative beads or simple seed beads. I have used everything from seed beads, glass beads, wooden and clay beads that I made myself.

You can either use a thread and needle to sew beads onto a fabric. Or to sew beads together using a Brick stitch or something like it to make shapes/fabrics. You can also use a beading loom to create a design. You can also add beads to knitting or crochet.

Beading has been around for many years and you can see many examples of it in many of the native cultures around the world.

Some Examples

The necklace above uses wooden beads on a leather tie. While the earrings are femo clay beads that I made and strung onto some chain.

The Lizards and Scorpion above are seed beads threaded onto thin wire. I turn them into brooches or earrings depending on my mood.

Seeing some of the pieces I've done I kinda want to do more but I have so many messes of beads still. I'm just as clumsy as I was.

Where to find out more?

I learnt a lot of my information from reading various beading books but then there weren't the resources available on the internet.

All of these books had projects I've tried at one time or another. Basically any book will have great projects as long as you like the look of them.

I also found this great looking website when looking for information on beading.

On pinterest (my new best friend) I found a pattern for a gorgeous simple sead bead braided bracelet. There are full instructions and pictures at This Website.

Happy Stitching,

P.S. Join me tomorrow for C is for...


  1. Hello, Caitlin. My sister-in-law loves beading, so I'll definitely tell her to read this and check out that website you highlighted. Thanks for sharing.

    Michael Abayomi

  2. I love to bead! So I have quite a collection waiting to be made into something.

  3. Really nice post Caitlin.

    I admire those that can bead and think the examples here are lovely.

    My wife is keen on origami but will mention beading to her as well :)


  4. Love the beaded critters Caitlin.



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