Friday 3 April 2015

C is for...


Now is anyone surprised by this one? Maybe but I found a better letter to use cross stitch on and crochet fits nicely here. I've been crocheting since I was a little girl. My mum taught me when I was nine to make a dolls blanket for my kelly dolls. Since then I've been making more and more adventurous things and it will always be a craft I keep coming back to. 

So what is Crochet?
 It's a form of needlework where you make a textured fabric with a hooked needle. You can use it to make everything from Garments, scarfs, hats to amigirumi toys and household containers. Actually there isn't much they haven't come up with for what you can make with a crochet hook and some yarn. You can even use rope.

Some Examples:

If you go a bit old school, crochet used to be used to make doilies and things like that. I have a couple I've made around the house. Though traditionally they weren't purple.

 I've also been slowly working on a granny stripe blanket. I started working on this again it's starting to cool off enough that I can handle it resting on my lap.

I also mentioned crochet toys. Well this little cutie is an amigurumi hippo. Though as I said this is only some of the ways you can use crochet.

Where to find out more?

I gave you a couple of great crochet resources when I was talking about Applique

If you have anything to do with the yarn world you should have heard of Ravelry. But if you haven't it's a directory of patterns and people and all sorts of cool stuff for knitting and crochet. Go check it out.

I love a lady called Planet June if you're after crochet amigurumi that look a little more realistic. Her patterns always have GREAT instructions. The book below on the right is hers and if you're after a good beginner crochet book it's what I recommend.

Also the simply crochet magazine is a lovely one to read.

Actually the list could go on and on. There are numerous amigurumi or general crochet designers I love. If you have something in mind please contact me and I might be able to put you on the right track.

I'm always willing to help and send someone in the right direction so please get in contact.

Happy Stitching,
P.S. join me tomorrow for D is for.....


  1. Lovely crochet pieces Caitlin. That hippo is absolutely adorable.


  2. Your post on Crochet made me nostalgic.
    My Grandma (on whom by A to Z challenge is loosely based ) used to do a lot of Crochet. It was a craft she also passed on to my mother. But i have never gotten around it. My generation grew up thinking it was so uncool and 'housewifely'. Although I would blame it on a fast pace of life or whatever, seriously there is so much we miss out on life. My grandma used to tell me it is therepeutic.

    Looking forward to your other posts.

  3. Colorful crochet pieces !! Hippo is very cute:)
    I also do both cross stitch and crochet.

  4. I love cross stitching but have yet to get to grips with crochet although I have said that 2015 is the year I will manage to learn how to so your post is really inspiring. Lovely to meet through the A to Z Challenge :)
    Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace


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