Saturday 18 April 2015

P is for ...


Now I will put a disclaimer here I am separating patchwork and quilting because technically they are two separate crafts and it gives me two days to write about.

Quite often patchwork is talked about like it is Quilting and visa versa so I'm going to clear up any confusion that you may have.

What is Patchwork?

Patchwork is the use of small pieces of fabric pieced together to make a larger design. This can be as simple as a 9 patch quilt to an elaborately pieced design.

Some Examples

 If you've been around me much you should recognise this work it's the patchwork for my journal cover. It's a form of patchwork called crazy quilting. I love working with it because there aren't particular rules.

This quilt is the one for my friend's baby. I love how it's coming together.

I made this quilt about 6 years ago. I used a couple of Jelly Rolls and combined them together to make this one. Sorry it's a bit wrinkly I'm using it on my bed at the moment. 

These little pillows are made by Lana. Can you recognise some of the fabrics from my previous quilt?

Where to find out more?

Quilting /patchwork is extremely popular at the moment and there are plenty of patterns and resources around the net. I know I first learnt from my local fabric store.

You can also find a TONNE of magazines around with patterns to help as well.

Happy Stitching,

Join me on Monday for Q is for ...


  1. Lovely Patchworks..

  2. Your journal cover is lovely, I really like the colours you have used.
    I tried patchwork at school but everything went lumpy!


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