Wednesday 15 April 2015

M is for ...


This is another of those crafts that I've admired from afar. But more than that I like the look of them and I want to give it a go.

What is Macrame?
It started as a decorative way to secure ends of a piece of woven fabric. It became more than that and soon whole items were made out of macrame. It became very popular with the sailors as a way to spend time while out at sea and then they could sell their finished products.

Some Examples

This is something that I don't have any examples for... actually I'm going to make one example up now!

I apologise for my really really bad example of macrame,... I will have to have another more serious go. It was actually fun just need something to hold the threads tight against my head.

How to find out more?

I am getting most of my information from an awesome book that mum got. It's an old Reader's Digest craft book.

There are also many websites out there.

I keep linking to this site A Beautiful Mess but they have some awesome DIY crafts. They did an awesome macrame curtain last year.

Happy Stitching,
Join me tomorrow for N is for...

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  1. Ah, macrame! The 1970s called, they want their spider plant pot holder back!
    Come one, whose mother did not own a macrame pot holder specifically for the spider plant? Another 1970s kitchen essential. We had several hung around our window which got in the way when you were washing up!
    It was all the little babies on the long stems which waggled about.


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