Monday 27 April 2015

W is for ...


Now this is something I have tried I did one project when I was younger ( a requirement of Grade 8 Technology) but my Dad and my Uncle both do it to varying degrees.

My dad has really got into making boxes. He has done numerous Jewellery boxes for all the girls in the family. Each one is gorgeous but he's been getting better and better.

So what is Woodworking?

The act of using wood to create. This can be simple or complicated. It can be practical or just pretty or BOTH!

Some Examples

The box on the left my Uncle made which has some lovely little drawers. The one on the right my dad made as a mini hope chest. I will eventually get a proper one... maybe....

This box my dad made for a family friend. It was amazing. He sanded that wood down so it was super smooth. The design is just stunning. He is super proud of it.

This one I made. For my grade 8 tech project. The kids play with it sometimes when they are at my parents.

It's nothing as fancy as what dad does but I'm proud of it.

Where to find out more?

There are often classes in your local area. I know my father got into it because he wanted to get something and couldn't find it so he learnt how to make it. He collected magazines and taught himself.

Honestly I don't know where to find out more and right now I'm going to put my computer away and cross stitch.

Happy Stitching,


  1. Beautiful pieces Caitlin.


  2. What lovely pieces of woodwork, I love the curved drawer set your uncle made.

    I did woodwork at Middle School. I made firewood! Honestly! It was supposed to be a small shelf with housing joints but the teacher charged me 50p and said I could keep the wood for the fire. That was in 1978, can you tell I'm scarred for life because of it?

  3. They're lovely, Caitlin :-) I've never tried woodworking, but my husband has dreams of learning it.

  4. Love the boxes and your choice for W.

  5. Beautiful work. I remember making one of the little boards in school:)lol


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