Tuesday 7 April 2015

F is for...


Ohk now I'm stretching the alphabet just a little but I was going to do felting but it's not something I have tried but over the weekend we visited with my sister and she was playing with fondant trying out ideas for decorating cakes for my mother and grandma. This was a great excuse for everyone to get in and play almost like you would with playdough. I got a couple of awesome shots of the kids making faces. As soon as the camera came out so did the silly faces.

So what is Fondant?

It's the stuff you use to decorate Cakes with :D It's hard but the more you work it the more pliable it becomes. It's a pain to work with in Brisbane because the humidity here doesn't help it stay a bit hard.

It's commonly used to decorate Wedding cakes because it holds it's shape and you can mold it like plasticine.

Some Examples.
I could show you all kinds of fancy wedding cakes here but I'm not. I'm going to show you the results of our fun on the weekend.

 See what I mean ... camera means silly faces!

But eventually they relaxed and I managed a couple of good photos of them working.

This egg above was meant to be egg shaped but ... it had a problem it kept melting a little and wouldn't stay in shape.

Now my sister had some fun BEFORE the kids arrived and made these cute owls. Though I think Caiden got to them and added a mohawk to one and a sideways hat to the other.

Where do you find out more?

So I have been really bad this time and feeling slightly lazy also I'm not the one really interested in this craft it's my sister. So if you want to find out more look up cake decorating on google. I don't know enough to put you in the right direction.

Happy Stitching,

P.S. I am back tomorrow with G is for...


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