Thursday 16 April 2015

N is for ...


This is one of the funny ones. It's something that I have admired from afar and haven't quite tried yet. It's just something that hasn't caught me yet. It may still but at the moment I'm not really interested.

So what is needlepoint?

It's another form of counted thread embroidery (cross stitch being the best of course :D ) that is stitched on a stiff open weave canvas. If you work on a fine fabric it is awesome called petit point. It is often done using just a simple tent stitch though it can be more complicated than that.

Some examples

Now I will start with a disclaimer that none of these examples are mine. Actually I'm not going to show you many mainly from this one designer that I found and love to watch.

This Easter Egg design is sooo cute.

How to find out more?

Check out this blog. The Two Handed Stitcher for more lovely designs.

I don't have time for more today I'm sorry it's been that sort of day.

Happy STitching,


  1. Hello Caitlin. Lovely cross stitch work on display. I used to do a lot of large wool tapestries (banners etc) simultaneously with cross stitch canvases (replica art scenes) but I'd need a huge magnifier now to get the colours correct!
    Nancy Jardine at where you already popped in during the A to Z challenge.

  2. Those are some beautiful examples you found to show, Caitlin. I've never tried needlepoint, but don't really want to. I much prefer cross stitch and crochet. I hope your day gets better.

  3. Love Laura Perin Designs. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I did needlepoint in the 70's.


  5. I follow that blog too. I've tried needlepoint but I find it uses a lot of thread compared to cross stitch! I'm too mean to use my thread up that quickly LOL


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