Monday 6 April 2015

E is for ...


Now I understand just how broad this topic is and I will be talking more later about some of the more specific forms such as cross stitch and needlework.

What is Embroidery?
The official definition I found is the art of embelishing cloth with a needle and thread. I personally like the much more uniform art of cross stitch which is a form of embroidery but more defined. The idea behind embroidery is it's free form. You can do pictures but it's up to you how you embellish those stitches.

You can be as specific as cross stitch or needlework or as freeform as you want. There are specific stitches and ways to work but the beauty of embroidery is that you don't have to do it only one way. 

Some Examples

This pillow was made by my friend and I won it at an auction last year. I think it's absolutely gorgeous and just love it. It sits in my bedroom where I can enjoy looking at it.

This pattern is a great example of a form of embroidery called Blackwork where you 'colour' in the picture with patterns. I bought this pattern when I was in New Zealand. I could have had soooo many more!

This Christmas ornament is one that I designed a couple of years ago and it includes some cross stitch but also uses Rhodes stitch. So it's a collection of stitches. The shape of it if you didn't know is called a biscornu.

How do you find out more?

Now I want to start by mentioning a couple of amazing blogs that I've been following for a couple of years now. 

Follow the White Bunny is an amazing lady who embroiders some absolutely cute designs. She does classes and tutes for some of her stuff but I think what she does is more art than anything else. 

If you're around Brisbane this blogger, Edward and Lilly, runs a lot of workshops but her stitching is also interesting and fun to look at. 

This book is AWESOME for ideas for projects but also for basic stitches and patterns. She has a couple of books and they are all beautiful books that give lovely information.

Also if you are enjoying this series I have been saving ideas and projects that inspire me as I look up more information on my Pinterest account.  There is all sorts of interesting stuff that I'm finding but too much to talk about here!

Happy Stitching,

P.S. join me tomorrow for F is for...


  1. What a great post - thank you for the ideas -

  2. I must be honest and say that I prefer the order and methodical nature of cross stitch to free style embroidery. As a craft to do myself anyway, I love looking at other people's embroidery.


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