Wednesday 1 April 2015

WIP Wednesday 2/5

So scream and cheer because I am actually back with a WIP wednesday post WITH some WIPs! Wow that was a mouthful! I have actually been stitching and working on projects.

I have finished my secret stitching but I still need to give it to the intended so it won't be long until I can show it to you.

But other than that I have been cross stitching on Baroque. Gosh it feels great to sit down and stitch. I can get so distracted in the evenings at the moment but when I actually sit down and stitch I feel so much better.

I also made some progress on my knitted cloth. It generally goes around in my handbag and a couple of rows get done every now and then. I was sitting knitting during rehearsal on Saturday. It was a great concert and I'm really happy to see some new music this coming week!

I'm going back to my planning and organising... I hope you enjoy the A-Z Challenge over the next month, I'm enjoying learning more and finding out what I do know.

Happy Stitching,


  1. Yay! WIPWednesday! I've got to take time away from my stitching tonight to do this! Its a great way to make sure I'm posting once a week.

    Lovely progress

  2. Screaming and cheering as requested! :)Baroque is looking fab.

  3. I'm with you stitching always makes me feel better. Your Wednesday wip looks wonderful
    xo Alicia

  4. Baroque is looking great. I love the different colours you have chosen.


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