Thursday 30 April 2015

Z is for...


This one really fascinates me. My dad used to sit on the phone for work with a pad in front of him doodling. He always said it helped him to concentrate. I've noticed this since with myself that I can't just listen or watch something, I always have to be doing something. I don't know where I read it but last week I read on another blog where it's a sign of a crafter that you can recognise all TV characters by voice but never know what they look like. This happens to me A LOT!

Now I've got off topic so lets start talking Zentangles.

What is a Zentangle?

It is a fancy doodle. Basically structured doodling. There is some amazing stuff. It's designed to be a meditation exercise. It's amazing the beautiful things you can do. You can also use zentangles to inspire art.

Some Examples

Here is the first one that I had a go with. It's called W2 for waft and weft I think. It's so much fun to do.

Then I couldn't resist having a go with strings and separating out patterns on the same page. I never take baby steps.

It was so much fun I sat curled up drawing for ages this morning. It is the perfect weather for it. So miserable and wet.

Where to find out more?

Here is the original site with information about zentangles.

I found this amazing site with all sorts of information. It's what I've been using to find out more. Here

Happy Stitching,

I MADE IT!!!! I did the whole A-Z Challenge!!!!! I hope you enjoyed it and I surprised myself through this month because I actually finished.


  1. Congratulations on finishing the monthly challenge!

  2. Beautiful zentangle, Caitlin! My daughter makes these. I'm more like your dad; I doodle randomly whenever I'm on the phone. And, yes, no matter what, my hands have to be doing something! Yay!! Congratulations on finishing the challenge!!

  3. Congrats on finishing the challenge. My son likes to make these and then send them as thank you notes. Great fun to receive.

  4. Woohoo on completing the A-Z challenge!
    I like to doodle too but zentangles seem a little prescriptive to me, the websites I've seen tell you what to do which doesn't seem to be the point of doodling?

    Anyway, your's look great and I do feel the urge to colour them in! That's a big craze in England right now, grown-up colouring books!

  5. congratulations for getting thro the A-Z challenge - I just made it - smile

    was checking out the craft sites to invite you to add a picture to the gallery of your work I will be putting up


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