Thursday 9 April 2015

H is for ...


Wow It's already up to H and I'm managing to keep this up. This is a great challenge and I know it's getting easier and easier to make sure I post every day.

So I was thinking of doing Hardanger which is a very traditional craft but it is also one that I've always been too scared to try. Cutting my fabric?  NO WAY!! I can't think of much scarier. So I thought a bit more and then I looked around my pinterest and it hit me. Handbags! Particularly handsewn bags. I will say I have a bit of an obsession with bags of all kinds.

So what are handbags? 
hehe that is so funny asking that question. But basically I'm talking about hand/machine sewn bags that you make for yourself. They can be small little clutch bags or big tote bags. They work really well for carrying around all your craft stuff. They can also be made out of fabric or you can also crochet or knit bags.

Some Examples
Now I did have some fun going through my cupboard this morning and finding all my pretty bags.

This bag I made about 10 years ago. I bought the pattern at my first stitches and craft show I went to. I can't even remember the designer ,,, but it was my first go at embroidery as well. For my first patchwork bag I'm really proud of it. ... I'll have to see if I can find the pattern somewhere to tell you the designer.

This bag above I designed myself. It's a satchel style bag, it was great for taking books to uni.

This bag above is done in crochet. It's using a stitch called the Solomon's knot, I think. The pattern is from the art of crochet magazine that came out. It's towards the beginning of the series.

This bag is a pattern by GingerCake - her duffel bag. It currently holds my Granny Stripe Blanket, which works really well. I did add the pockets on the side.

How to find out more

Well one place to find good patterns is gingercake. The link is above. Her patterns are simple and easy to follow.

I also found this lovely tutorial and pattern for a frou frou bag  this lady has great patterns some free and some you can buy. They are very fancy ones.

I also love this bag pattern from The Inspired Wren. only three fabrics and ten steps.

Happy Stitching,

P.S. Join me tomorrow for I is for...



  1. Great post - love it.

  2. Love your bags! I especially love the patchwork one - great job on all of them!


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