Saturday 11 April 2015

J is for ...

Jewellery Making

I know I talked about beading on the second day of this challenge but there is a lot more to Jewellery making than just beading. It's actually quite complicated especially if you start getting into metal work or Lapidary. Now I am no expert but I have tried some basics over the years.

What is Jewellery making
I'm going to define it as anything you make to wear as an accent or accessory to your outfit. Now I will exclude scarfs, hats and handbags from this definition as they don't really fit under Jewellery.

It can be anything from brooches to necklaces to earrings. They can be beaded, be made purely out of metal or even be made out of something like wood. They can be elaborate or precious anything that you want them to.

Some Examples
As I said before I showed you some examples of what I've made with regards to beading when I talked about it last week. SO I'm going to show some other pieces that I have made today.

This bracelet was fun to make. I made the beads out of femo clay and then put them on wire. That said I don't wear it. ... don't wear much jewellery anymore because I react to the metals.

I had a go at wire wrapping too but these were too heavy for earrings... I will use them for something one day.

Where to find out more?
If you're interested in working with stones then I recommend going to your local lapidary club. They know way more than I can ever tell you and would be a much better help.

Again if you want to learn how to work metal there are better people than me to ask.

But there is a lot to be found out from books if you look.

Happy Stitching,

I'll be back on Monday for K is for...


  1. Very nice Jewelry…..I don't wear much myself other than just a watch and a chain…..but I really liked your style…..

  2. Love your jewellery! I am amazed at how people can make their own... I have tried and didn't get very far so gave up! Now I have heaps of beads that I use for fobs and bling for my stitching finishes instead!
    Hugs xx


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