Tuesday 28 April 2015

X is for...


So I'm sure you were wondering when this one would turn up. It was too good an opportunity to have something for X so I had to turn around cross stitch.

This is a wonderful craft... you may notice it is my main craft, the one I always come back to. I love how soothing it is to just sit there and create cross after cross. It is so much fun just to sit there and make a picture appear.

So what is cross stitch?
This shouldn't be a hard question but finding the words is hard. I know the

Cross stitch is a wonderful way to create pictures using thread. It's like making little pixel pictures. I love the repeating patterns. It's a form of embroidery that is a stitch formed by crossing two stitches.

Some Examples

So I have to pull out examples. This is really hard to pick examples to show you.

This is my little halloween design.

This is my Baroque by ink circles. I've changed the colours to suit my awesome fabric.

Here is Afternoon Tea by HAED. I need to get it out again and keep working on it. Seeing it here reminds me how much I love this design. I will get back to stitching frequently again.

This is one of Joan Elliott's Christmas designs. I love this one. I have a collection of these in the works. It will happen.

How to find out more?

Now I'm in the process of writing a series of beginner cross stitch posts they will be coming out over on andsewwecraft over the next couple of months. I will keep you updated with that. I am also in the process of trying to write some more finishing tutorials I will get there but I have other priorities.

If you want to find out more about where to get any design I've shown you please ask me. I love giving you help.

 This is only part of my collection of cross stitch books. This is just my Joan Elliott books. I have more of her patterns hiding elsewhere.

You can also buy your cross stitch as kits. These three I bought in New Zealand when I was there. I love them.

Happy Stitching,


  1. I used to cross-stitch but haven't in years. My favorite project was the birth info of my daughters which I framed for their rooms -- you know, date, weight, length. There is a pretty little fairy in the design.
    ~Visiting from AtoZ

  2. Great post Caitlin. Love your projects.


  3. X stitch is the obvious choice! I think you've chosen the perfect designs to show the variety of subjects out there. It really is not just flowers and teddies anymore!

  4. Lovely post. I'm certainly enjoying your alphabet.

  5. I'm a big Joan Elliott fan too ^^


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