Friday 24 April 2015

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Tunisian Crochet 

Ohk I'm finally running behind... it just got too complicated to post yesterday. I just needed the time to stop.
This is one of those crafts that I will learn how to do. I never really understood it much so I went and bought myself a hook and started to give it a go. This turned into lots of fun. I also started doing research into what you can make with it and I learnt just how versatile it can be.

So what is Tunisian Crochet?

Also called Afghan crochet it uses an elongated crochet hook like a knitting needle with a stopper on the end. It's started like you would crochet but then the stitches are picked up and almost knitted. You never turn your work with tunisian crochet. It makes quite a heavy fabric that often is used to make blankets and the like.

Some Examples

I tried out a tutorial with a bit of acrylic yarn I had sitting at home... I think I needed to work on my starting tension. Or something to stop it rolling so much.
This blanket is using tunisian entrelac! I think I may  have to buy the pattern. You can get it here

There is so much you can do with tunisian crochet you will have to explore it. I was amazed by all that is out there. 

How to find out more

I found this lovely tutorial about how to do the basic stitches here.

You can search for more patterns on ravelry. They have some great stuff. Also check out pinterest but be wary on there.... Quite often while searching on there I found that I'd find something pretty and end up on dead links.

Happy STitching,
P.S. Join me later today for U :D


  1. Tunisian crochet is on my to-learn list, too. From what I understand, it does curl a lot in the beginning. But it's so pretty; I have a pattern from Vanna White that has Tunisian squares sewn together and then a teacup cross stitched on them.
    Ugh, I hate dead links on Pinterest! Drives me crazy.

  2. Gorgeous mandala blanket. You should definitely have a go at that one.


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