Friday 17 April 2015

O is for ...


I apologise that my posts seem to keep getting shorter. Things are getting busier at home and it's only three days until they go back to school. I gave them a task today to do some Origami for me. Though it's nothing fancy.

Now I will say this is one of the crafts I hate teaching to others... Which is so funny but I can never quite get the words out right but the pictures are so clear to me and I don't understand how others can't read them. I've always been good at interpreting pictures and it frustrates me when the kids can't read it.... or pick the hardest pattern and expect me to help them... if you can't do it don't expect me to! Sorry mini rant there...

So what is Origami?

It is the Japanese art of paper folding. Ori means to fold and Kami means paper. You can make so much with just a little bit of paper.

Some Examples

She actually hasn't made anything much, but she's looking at least.

 This is a paper eater made by the little boy... he needs to add a face though.

But he added a face to the dog. Which looks so cute. Those are little whiskers there.

How to find out more?

Well the kids are using one of my origami books... the only one I can currently find... I know I had another one somewhere but ....

I am realising as I'm going through all my stuff that I have a LOT of craft books for various crafts,

Happy Stitching,

P.S. Join me tomorrow for P is for...


  1. Oh boy - this looks difficult…..

  2. I have always admired origami work but never tried it.


  3. My brother used it do a lot of origami when he was at Uni to relax after a long day. I remember a whole flight of swans on a line across his room!


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