Wednesday 15 April 2015

WIP Wednesday

Soooo... I have been working on a new old cross stitch. I was searching through my craft stuff at my parents house and found an old dimensions kit that I had started ages ago! It's called Beacon at Daybreak by Dimensions it's part of their gold collection petites. I'm just working on the fabric provided which is an 18ct aida. It's so cute.

It was just white when I picked it up again... I think that's why I didn't get very far. White on white gets very boring. Though it is more of a cream fabric than pure white. I'm loving adding in the orange now :D It's an interesting piece because it's a mix of full and half crosses to make the picture not just full crosses. Which makes some colours really quick to stitch. 

You can see in the picture above the grey is all half crosses which looks interesting. It adds a nice texture.

I FINALLY FINALLY .... ohk I was only waiting two weeks but it seemed like ages ... got my order from Hoffee and Nuffin.

It came in a cute envelope with stamps all over it... it made me want more stamps!

The stamps came in a cute little linen bag and that's where I'm keeping them. I'm so in love with that boxer and the button is just gorgeous

She hand carves her stamps but the detail is amazing! They are so beautiful to use and I have an urge to buy so many cute little yarn balls and crochet hooks.... She has a mini crochet hook and knitting needles!!!! I will be good...

I had some fun with my new stamps and made a series of bookmarks. I need some more sayings though. Do you have some more bookish/dog sayings??

I even covered the back of one of the bookmarks using my button stamp. I will have to do them all.

Happy Stitching,


  1. How about "Don't forget you
    paws-ed here" Bu the way, I am owned by 2 boxers and I love that stamp.

  2. Love the kit your working on Caitlin. Cute stamps.


  3. I love your new start....I've had my eye on that design for a while, it's gorgeous!
    Cute bookmarks!

  4. I love that lighthouse kit, what a lucky find! Cute stamps.

  5. Your new stamps are beautiful! Nice stitching progress :)

  6. Those stamps are just too cute!

    And your stitches are just perfect, love them.


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